I am passionate about writing spoken word poetry, writing for the blog of my University’s Sustainable Agriculture Project, playing piano, reading books, and going to antique shops, like the one photographed above. I have social media, but have been using it less and less, as I have noticed it mostly just encourages one to compare her life to everyone else’s.

I reside in Michigan, but enjoy traveling to new countries, new cities, and new hiking trails. I believe in self-guided learning, creativity, and community-building (including the empowerment of all people) as tools for personal fulfillment and global sustainability. My ideal career is one in which, through poetry, I get to help kids learn the value of these ideas. They are more important than ever before, perhaps, because of the magnitude in which they are currently being challenged.

I have been published in a student literary journal, on the website of a radio station, performed for school assemblies, and will attend CUPSI (College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational) in the spring.